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Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm waterlogged...

Hi all!  Just like the rest of you, this was one unbelievable weekend with Hurricane Irene, huh?  I think I have bad Karma because I had to do an Craft-Dee BowZ convention out in Troy, NY this weekend and I brought Irene with me.  You may recall that my last convention I brought a tornado with me to West Springfield.  What's up with that?  Perhaps you should all give me a wide berth!

Well, we had fun ANYWAY!  Arrived on Friday to set up the booth (here's my dear friend, Chris, at her post just before the show opened).

I couldn't budge her from the spot except for a few short bursts of power shopping the rest of the show.  She was having way too much fun demo-ing the Craft-Dee BowZ.  The booth seemed to be busy with a constant flow.

We met some of the greatest, funniest, helpful, gracious people at this show.  One in particular I'd like to share with you in this post is a lovely lady named Laura who dropped by the booth and said she had purchased an Craft-Dee BowZ at the West Springfield show.  Laura was bragging to anyone within hearing distance about how she made 30 tiny 1" bows for a shower invitation in under 30 minutes.  Here's my new friend Laura who agreed to take a picture with me:

Laura ran out to her car and brought the invitation to show me.  Check out her adorable shower invitation below!  I'm so proud of you, girl, and thanks so much for sharing!

Here's the outside of the invitation. Cute, cute!

And there's her little bow!  Great job, Laura!

The very best thing that Laura shared is a poem she made up to help her remember how to tie her bows (this is because I didn't have this blog up and running when she purchased hers).  I'm pretty sure this is how it went:

It's all about "U"
Cross left over right
Pull the top one thru
And tie it tight

I don't know about you, but I thought it was darn clever if you think about your directions and the videos on this blog.  You are a treasure, Laura!

We got a chance to bond with some other great people, like Denami, Stamp On It and Kreaxions punches.  We all made the best of a potentially bad situation with the weather.

Thanks for checking in and I'd love to hear from you!