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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Holiday cards or ornaments... you decide

It's getting closer!  I can't believe that I haven't bought one Christmas gift yet!  I have to get thru hubby's birthday first (Friday).  So before I run out the door to get him a gift, I thought I'd post these Christmas cards/ornaments for you.

Both cards are done using the rosette technique and sandwiching the rosette between two pieces of card stock.  Two very different, but the same, cards for you to enjoy.  I created the rosette using mirror card stock -- this was a challenge to myself to see if the card stock would withstand scoring and folding -- and it did!  Just remember to place your mirror card stock mirror side down before scoring.

A close-up of the center -- I used Stickles on the snowflake, but the camera didn't pick it up.

And, of course, the lovely bow made on the Craft-Dee BowZ.  I simply made a multiple loop bow leaving very long ends so that it could be knotted at the top into a loop to hang on the Christmas tree.

For those who are die-fanatics, I used Spellbinders for the center and Memory Box for the snowflake and other embellishments to the right and left.  I cut two Memory Box snowflakes and placed one on top of the other.  Then I put a glue dot in the center and pulled the "arms" of the top snowflake into the center of the glue dot.  This created the dimension I was looking for.  Then I Stickled it up and added a purple glass bead.  

And yet another version of the same card, this time done in standard A2 size.  See what you think.

I created this one using Spellbinders Heirloom Ornaments for the cut out section and edged them both with glitter.  I added corners using Lifestyle Crafts corner dies (LOVE them!).  Then to challenge the Craft-Dee BowZ, I created a bow using (ugh!) grosgrain ribbon.  I love grosgrain on one hand, but let's face it, it does not really lend itself to pretty bows -- it's just way too stiff.  But I think I pulled this off.  I created a multiple loop bow once again leaving the ends really long for hanging in a loop and I added an extra tail for added dimension (see my video on "Adding an Extra Tail").

Now, if you'll  hop on over to my Ciao Bella blog, you'll see a side view of the "sandwich" you create when you place the rosette between the pieces of card stock.

Hope you enjoy and I'd love to hear from you.


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Putting a rumor to rest...

Well, imagine my surprise today when two ladies from New York approached me at a scrapbooking event on Cape Cod saying "oh I heard the news that you are retiring!"  Smile, nod, no... wait!  What??  Why would you say that?  They told me there was a post on FB several weeks ago that the bow lady was retiring and selling her business.

First of all, I'd like to address the person who started this rumor.  What on earth?  I don't know where you got your information, but I am alive, well and kicking bows!  So let's be clear on this (I sound like Obama), this is my company, I am going nowhere soon unless they are shoveling dirt on my casket.  I am here for you and Craft-Dee BowZ is doing incredibly well.

Now, let's get to the fun part -- the event we did today.  I heard those two little words again!  Time after time after time -- "that's it?".  And I wish hubby had been quick enough to catch the expressions on their faces when they completed their little 1" bows.

Here are a few pics I'd like to share.  The table was busy, busy, busy for 3 hours straight and these are just a few snaps.

Hubby managed to take a few pics when he wasn't cashing Craft-Dee BowZ out.  Oh, yeah, that's me with my fancy headband made with the Craft-Dee BowZ.
It gets the point across, so stop laughing!

Just finishing up their bows and making their "one-of-a-kind" bottle cap pin (chuckle)!  Hey, don't laugh -- this could wind up being a collectors item on Ebay one day!

This sweet lady on the right saw hubby at the doorway when we had just arrived and darn near tackled him.  She was so GLAD we were there as she didn't purchase the Craft-Dee BowZ at the last event.  Both she and her sister (on left) each went off with a Craft-Dee BowZ.  
Oh, why are they dressed this way?  Eccentric?  Nah!  the theme was Hawaiian and they had their colorful shirts on with flowers in their hair and leis around their necks.  Some had paper sandals, some had hula girl "bunny" ears.  It was a hoot.  It's no wonder Cris Quinn of Cool Crops has such popular events.   Craft-Dee BowZ donated the item in the previous POST and they were thrilled!

And one last comment -- one of the Cool Crops coordinators came up to me and said one of the ladies just told her this was the best $20 she ever spent!  Now THAT's a testimonial!

Well, that's it for today.  I'll be back with more!  Thanks for stopping by.


Friday, November 16, 2012

Another gift idea...

What do home made bread (or cake), a picture frame and a Craft-Dee BowZ share in common?  What?  This woman has finally crawled over the edge.  Not so, my friends!  How often during the holidays do we bring out the "secret recipe for Grandma's Wonder Cake" and start that baking marathon to give as gifts to friends, relatives and maybe a few enemies thrown in?  Well, instead of just handing over the plastic wrapped cake with a smile, why not purchase an inexpensive picture frame (Dollar store!), place either a picture in it or a stamped image (in this case) and wrap the whole thing using your Craft-Dee BowZ!  See? I'm not completely crazy.  Here's what it looks like...

Yum!  Looks pretty and there's an extra gift that keeps on giving after all Grandma's crumbs have been scarfed down!

And here's the bottom just to prove that it's a picture frame...

And here's a close-up of the bow...

Review my video on "Wrapping a Package" for instructions.  Now admit it, doesn't this have a WOW factor for your recipient?  You can dazzle them with your bowmaking skills as well as your cooking skills, of course.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving if I don't post before then!


Monday, November 12, 2012

A Christmas card

I don't know about you, but I love mirrored card stock especially around the holidays.  It adds such a vibrancy and "tinsel" feeling to your card making.  Here's a really quick card that I made using the Craft-Dee BowZ.

It's a very simple card to put together using dies from Spellbinders Heirloom Ornaments and the Holly and Berries from Marianne Designs.  I used a Cuttlebug embossing folder on a false card front, made my multiple loop bow on the Craft-Dee BowZ and secured it at opposing angles on the false front.  I then secured the false front to my card front.  What this did was hide how you attached the bow to the card.  Last, I ran my ornament die thru two different embossing folders, pop dotted them on the card, attached the holly and berries and all done!  I hope you like it. Please feel free to comment.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A fabulous idea for Christmas!

A good friend passed along this wonderful project on Grace's BLOG.  I have shamelessly copied it with several differences that I think you may like just as well.  Where Grace used a glass block from a home improvement store, I had to use a glass container.  The only blocks I could find were sealed completely with no opening at the top.  I have seen them elsewhere in my travels with an opening at the top, but can't pinpoint just where I saw them.  So off to the craft store where I found this container.

I stamped the trees on vellum and embossed them.  I had previously cut the vellum so that it would fit inside the glass container.  I also purchased tiny cool white bulbs for the project, nestled them in some tulle and instead of topping the container with a bow, I wrapped it completely around the container and added the bow using my Craft-Dee BowZ with a little additional bling to create interest and to keep it secure.  The entire bow assembly slips off and on very easily.  I love how it looks, don't you?

Just another wonderful thing you can do with the Craft-Dee BowZ!

Happy bow making!



And now, without further ado, here's the BIGannouncement!  Craft-Dee BowZ is putting out a Design Team Call!  Yes, things are so busy here, that I've discovered I'm only one person (imagine that?) and I'm reaching out to you talented ladies to submit your beautiful artwork and apply for my very first Design Team.

The Design Team call will be open until December 1st, 2012

We are looking for a team of 4 very creative people. 

We are looking for talented crafters and artists who LOVE using ribbon and can meet deadlines.   If you are a card maker, scrapbooker,  paper crafter, bow artist, altered artist or if you do anything fun and unique with ribbon, please apply.  Our readers are looking for variety, so don't be afraid to show your creative side.  

Posting Skills Include:
  • Being a versatile crafter who loves to work with bows. 
  • Having an active blog 
  • The ability to take quality pictures 
  • Post interesting projects directly to the Craft-Dee BowZ blog.
  • Linking from our blog to your blog and vice versa.
  • Participating in and promote special events such as blog hops.
  • Having the translator feature engaged on your blog.
  • Having the Design Team listed in your blog sidebar with our logo linked to our blog.
Project Requirements:
  • ONE project per month posted directly to our blog unless it's a challenge month.
  • Post projects using the Craft-Dee BowZ on your own blog at least once a month.
  • We will plan a blog hop at least twice in the 6 month term.
  • You will be required to create a sample project for our monthly challenges.
  • Use bows in an "I want to make that !" way.
  • A product list of items used in your project. 
  • You will be allowed full creativity with inks, dies, paper, etc. 
  • You can create cards, scrapbook layouts, home decor projects, etc. as long as it features bows.
  • You are more than welcome to have more than one card, etc., per post if you choose.  There is no added compensation for submitting additional items to the posts at this time. We will graciously accept them.
  • You will be required to assist us in commenting on Craft-Dee BowZ challenge entries made by our customers.
  • We ask that you commit to a 6 month term from January, 2013 through June, 2013.
  • You will initially receive one Craft-Dee BowZ as well as compensatory free product of ribbon, trim and bling to coincide with your regular monthly theme. 
  • Thereafter, you will receive the ribbon, trim and bling. 
  • We will link your blog from the Craft-Dee BowZ blog. 
  • You will receive a badge to display on your blog stating that you are a Craft-Dee BowZ design team member.
  • You will have access to our Yahoo group where the design team can network and support each other on CDB projects and other design team work.
Please submit the following:
  •  A paragraph telling us about yourself and why you want to be a part of the Craft-Dee BowZ team. 
  • Three (3) good quality jpegs of your favorite projects where you've used bows - to show us the type of work you will create for the Craft-Dee BowZ blog. 
  • A link to your blog and galleries.
  • Your crafting resume that includes:  (1) A list of past and current design teams, special training, etc.
  • Your contact information including your complete name and shipping address.
  • New design team members will be notified by December 7th, 2012.
  • For more information about us,
For more information about us:
    I so look forward to hearing from you talented ladies and I look forward to an even bigger and better year with Craft-Dee BowZ!