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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A fabulous idea for Christmas!

A good friend passed along this wonderful project on Grace's BLOG.  I have shamelessly copied it with several differences that I think you may like just as well.  Where Grace used a glass block from a home improvement store, I had to use a glass container.  The only blocks I could find were sealed completely with no opening at the top.  I have seen them elsewhere in my travels with an opening at the top, but can't pinpoint just where I saw them.  So off to the craft store where I found this container.

I stamped the trees on vellum and embossed them.  I had previously cut the vellum so that it would fit inside the glass container.  I also purchased tiny cool white bulbs for the project, nestled them in some tulle and instead of topping the container with a bow, I wrapped it completely around the container and added the bow using my Craft-Dee BowZ with a little additional bling to create interest and to keep it secure.  The entire bow assembly slips off and on very easily.  I love how it looks, don't you?

Just another wonderful thing you can do with the Craft-Dee BowZ!

Happy bow making!



Grace said...

Donna your glass container came out just fantastic! I am so glad you let me know you used my project as inspiration... it came out beautifully!!! JFYI, I didn't get my blog from a home improvement store but a big craft store, and I think I've seen them at all the major ones... and they just have an opening about 2" in diameter for the wires, but are otherwise closed. Either way... they make beautiful decorations and gifts! Thanks for linking me so I could enjoy seeing it!

Donna Ellis said...

LOVE what you have done with the glass container, DD. You DEFINITELY need to get your labels going on this blog so that people can find these marvelous projects all year long! What a pretty centerpiece, or table top decoration for any room in the house - and a marvelous git! How many lights are on the string? GORGEOUS!

Anonymous said...

That is GORGEOUS!! What a fantastic idea to both you and Grace!

phamil said...

That's really very pretty!!!!

Jody Spiegelhoff said...

This is fantastic!! I found mine at Hobby Lobby :)