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Monday, November 21, 2011

Paper Sundaes challenge...

Well, I thought I'd submit a card for a challenge from Paper Sundaes since they are looking for bows (ahem!  that would be me!) on cards.  So I thought I'd pop this little card in that will be offered in My Creative Classroom's online class starting January 14, 2012 (stay tuned!).  This is just one of several cards that I created in that classroom using the Craft-Dee BowZ.  So be sure and check out My Creative Classroom to see what's going on over there!

I've used non traditional colors for this holiday card and you'll find out exactly how it's done using the Craft-Dee BowZ as well as some other great projects.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

And yet another way to make your bows...

While playing around one day with my Craft-Dee BowZ I wound up creating another method of making bows for your cards.   It sort of surprised me when I did it and then I decided to put it to the test.  Here's the result of my fiddling:

I'm referring to the row of bows at the bottom of the card specifically.  I discovered that by stringing a continuous series of bows together on the same length of ribbon resulted in this.  I thought it was kind of cute!  Note that I also added bows to her hair as well as making a lace bow for the heart.  Lot's of Craft-Dee BowZ going on here!  I had originally created the card for a challenge over at Memory Making Crafts and, well, I won the challenge!  I guess it surprised me because this type of stamp is out of my genre and I wanted to challenge myself with it.  I never expected all these bows to work the way they did -- all on one card?


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's a miracle!

Well, sort of a miracle.  Do you remember in my last post (oh so long ago) I mentioned that my daughter and friend were playing with the Craft-Dee BowZ and trying new "tricks" with it for bow making?  I indicated that they had devised a way to make even bigger bows than the 4-1/4" bow.  Well, yesterday that came to fruition and I felt it NEEDED to be shared.

My daughter is an event planner for a hotel on Cape Cod and was asked to participate in the decorating for a huge function coming up.  (She is an incredible card maker in her own right and sells her cards in several locations on the Cape.)  I had invited her up for the day to help do some photography work using the Craft-Dee BowZ and since God did not see fit to bequeath me with a third arm or hand, I needed someone to take photos while I tied the bows for some projects. (Stay tuned for some classroom training at My Creative Classroom using the Craft-Dee BowZ.)  While chatting, she mentioned her participation in the upcoming event and that the hotel had purchased another bow making tool (name withheld) which became the curse of Frankenstein.  She said it was impossible to follow the instructions in a logical manner, but being the bright girl she is, she figured it out.  The end result was pure torture and an ugly bow.  She remembered her light bulb moment from the trade show and asked if we could give it a try.  She needs to make 9" bows for 36 light fixtures at the hotel.

Have I got your attention yet?  You will laugh when you figure out how it's done.  We placed two Craft-Dee BowZ end to end (plugs facing outward on each bow maker) and put the dowels in the furthest holes from one another (one dowel in one Craft-Dee BowZ and the other dowel in the second Craft-Dee BowZ).  Using the SAME method of making multiple loop bows, this is what we created (and it only took 45 seconds by the time we fluffed out the loops!):

You can just about make out the 9" mark on the scoring board.  This bow is gorgeous in person (click on the picture for a larger view)!  So my daughter borrowed an extra Craft-Dee BowZ from me and went home a happy girl.  She's now very excited about making 36 of these!  This particular one requires 9 feet of ribbon.  I believe Dina is making her bows with an additional loop and will need 12 feet of ribbon for each.

Well I hope you enjoyed this post and that it creates more turmoil for those creative juices!

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