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Saturday, June 25, 2011

So rewarding!

It is always gratifying when people tell me how easy the E-Z BowZ is to use.  I received a personal email from this gal and this is what she wrote.  I just had to share it with you.

"A Little Something....

It all began when I bought a cute little red, white and blue pitcher as a centerpiece for my kitchen table. It was cute....but it needed a little something....
So, I cut and glittered some stars, glued them to sticks and put them in the pitcher. The stars were cute....but they needed a little something.....
A search of my craft room produced a lovely silver meshy ribbon. I tied it around the sticks and tied a bow. That was a disaster! The meshy part of the ribbon was fragile. Every time I pulled the loops to tighten the bow, the mesh part ripped. The end result was flat, twisty, warped and torn. I wasted time and a lot of ribbon. It was VERY frustrating.
And then I thought of my bowmaker. In under a minute (and with very little effort and no wasted ribbon), I made three pretty, puffy, perfect silver bows in the exact size I wanted. I glue- dotted them onto the sticks and now I don't think my centerpiece needs a thing!
All hail the mighty EZBowZ!!!"

And here is here centerpiece:

Isn't this adorable?  And I'm so proud that the E-Z BowZ played such an important role in her project.  Thank you, Chris!


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