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Monday, December 10, 2012

Wrapping gifts.

A miracle!  I finally started wrapping gifts and if you'll pardon the narcissism, I'm soooo glad I have the Craft-Dee BowZ to work with.  Here's a package that I wrapped for a stamping friend.  Boy, working with that mylar wrapping paper is a challenge!  It's lovely to look at, but squirmy as all get out - LOL!  All the items I purchased for her are different sizes and rather than put them all in one box, I wrapped each one individually and offset each one on top of the other (I secured them with double sided tape so they wouldn't shift in their stacking).  The crowning glory was the double looped bow (yep, just two loops!).  You can easily get away with two loops when using wide ribbon (1-1/2" in this case).

Would this package make you happy opening it for Christmas?

Happy wrapping to those who own a Craft-Dee BowZ.  To the rest of you, perhaps you should put this on your wish list this year!  We ship every day except weekends.  Just saying...!



2 peas in a pod said...

Beautiful bow Donna! The gift is just beautiful. I think anyone receiving this gift would be delighted with all it's glory!Hugs Brenda

Donna Ellis said...

How lovely with the sparkly paper and the pretty, festive ribbon! Gorgeous bow, DD!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I reallllly loved my BOW!!!!! And the gifts were't bad either!!! All kinds of great stamplng stuff! Thanks again Donna for being my Santa!

Unknown said...

Yes, I realllly loved my bow! And the gifts were't bad either. Allkinds of neat stamping stuff. Thanks to my secret Santa!!!