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Thursday, July 11, 2013


WOW!  It just doesn't get any better than this!  Craft-Dee BowZ had a product review and video posted on July 8, 2013 by Cool2Craft on!  Here's the post and a phenomenal video done by Tiffany Windsor.  Did you know that Tiffany is the daughter of Aleene Jackson of Aleene's Tacky Glues?   My thanks to Tiffany and the incredible job she did on showcasing this super tool.  Follow the article below and enter to win a free Craft-Dee BowZ - this offer is only good until July 21st, so hurry on over to the link posted below.

Product Review: Craft-Dee BowZ

Craft Dee Bowz 7-8-13
Reviewed by: Tiffany Windsor for
Craft-Dee Bowz dowels and stopper
The Craft-Dee BowZ tool is a super cool, self-contained bow making tool. It’s easy to make single or multiple loop bows from 1″ up to 4-1/4″. I followed the package instructions to set up for my first bow. The metal rods are stored right inside the Craft-Dee BowZ Tool so they are easy to access.  Just insert the dowels into the pre-drilled holes, cut your ribbon and follow the instructions to make bows in a snap!Check out my video tutorial!

I started with a single loop narrow ribbon bow but quickly grabbed my wider ribbons to also create double and triple looped bows. I’ve Craft-Dee Bowz small bowbeen hand-tying bows for as long as I can remember so I thought “why would I need a tool like this?” But let me tell you, I was wrong! This tool really helps seasoned crafters like me to tie bow after bow after bow perfect each time! Much faster, much easier and perfect sizing every time!
For my first try at using the Craft-Dee BowZ tool, I used narrow ribbon to create a 1″ bow. I found the step-by-step instructions easy to follow and with those narrow, sturdy metal dowels you can easily create those tiny bows that can be very difficult to create by hand-tying.
I quickly graduated to a double loop bow. I wanted to try out a larger bow with some new ribbons that I had recently hand-dyed…and…I wanted to try a double loop bow. Once again, the results were perfect!Craft-Dee Bowz  pink yellow double bow
But I wasn’t quite finished there! Could I take on a triple loop bow? Yes! Craft-Dee Bowz triple purpleMy only suggestion when working with the triple loops is to keep the layers of ribbon squished down to the bottom of the dowels so that you can tie the knot tightly in the center.
The Craft-Dee BowZ tool is promoted as ideal for card making and scrapbooking but I can see this used for many more crafts including kids hair bows.
The Craft-Dee Bowz tool is $20 plus $5.50 shipping per unit on domestic orders only and can be ordered at their website – click here  – where you will also find lots of design ideas and inspiration!