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Saturday, February 15, 2014

SNOW, is a four letter word...

that we in New England and many states across the US lately have learned to well, let's just say, dislike.  Since I am in the midst of a blizzard south of Boston right now, I thought I'd post this little guy that  my friend, Chris D, made for me.  Whoops!  I stand corrected -- it's a "she" because my friend Chris said "what man would ever be caught with a broom in his hand?".  So this little snow person is a "she".  Chris has been doing some needle felting these days and when she make this little snow girl, she knew she needed a broom, but what to make the broom out of?  Aha!  "I have a Craft-Dee BowZ and I know how to use it!" she said.  You guessed it, Chris made the broom using the tassel technique on the Craft-Dee BowZ.  I think it came out super adorable!  This snowgirl only stands about 2-1/2" high, so you can imagine how tiny the broom is.

I've included a side view and close-up of the broom below as well.

So just remember, Craft-Dee BowZ isn't just for tying bows.  Look how an adorable project like this turned into a PERFECT, adorable project!  Just thought I'd share -- and thanks, Chris!  I love it!