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Monday, August 11, 2014

Washi Tape bows using Craft-Dee BowZ!

Hello bow makers!  I have a great surprise for you today.  This video has been  a long time in the making -- mostly because of malfunctioning media (camera, iPhone, and the videographer -- that would be ME!).  Sometimes I just can't win!  Well here it is -- the technique that has everyone's jaw dropping when I demonstrate this at shows.  So grab yourself a cuppa, whip out your Craft-Dee BowZ tool and some Washi Tape and follow along with me!


Barbara Bruder said...

Love the video. How easy to use the Washi Tape to make a fabulous bow. And who would have guessed how easy that would be.

creativearts said...

Loved your video Donna! Very interesting using the washi tape to make a bow.! Great thinking!

Donna Maligno said...

Thanks, Eleanor. Give it a try - you'll be surprised! Thanks for the good words.

Shirley said...

Great tutorial, Donna! I have some Washi tape I probably never would have used except for this!!!