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Monday, June 4, 2012

Back from West Springfield!

Wow!  What a great show!  Yes, in spite of the rain, the turnout was terrific at the Heirloom Rubber Stamps and Art Festival this past weekend.  When I tell you the Craft-Dee BowZ booth was mobbed, I'm not just kidding!  Here are the BEFORE pictures of the booth set-up.

Hubs and I set it up in about an hour like a well-oiled machine.  I gave him the fussy task of putting all the Craft-Dee BowZ on the display (shhh! It kept him out of my hair and from asking pointless questions! Well, someone had to do this part anyway!).

Well Day 1 of the show changed the look of things considerably -- but all in a good way. Take a look!

Here's my friend Chris in her Craft-Dee BowZ outfit doing her "thing".  She's such a powerhouse when she's demoing this product.  I should have taken a picture of us in our new finery which is a green shirt with my logo on the sleeve and pink aprons with the full logo (like the banner) on the front.  We were so cute! 

This is what the booth looked like ALL day long!  I never got up off my seat until 2:30 -- and that's only because my friends realized I hadn't moved (was I dead?  was I stuck to the chair?) since opening - it was that busy.  So my family and friends threw me out of my booth (this is historically what they do).  I wandered off, but was back in 10 minutes flat.  I felt guilty leaving them with such a hectic booth.  

I do want to say one thing to all you lovely ladies who dropped by to say hi even though you already owned a Craft-Dee BowZ.  They ALL told anyone within hearing distance that it was the greatest bow making tool they had ever owned and they loved it.  Whoever you all are, a thousand thank-you's from me to you.  I hope you'll drop a line on my blog whether you just bought one or you've had one for a while.  

Well, Craft-DeeBowZ is off to CHA (Craft and Hobby Associattion) next month in Chicago for the OFFICIAL launching of my product.  Wish me luck and expect to see the Craft-Dee BowZ in a store near you really soon!  If you own one and your store doesn't carry it yet, please drop by and show and tell them about this wonderful little invention.

I'm planning on putting up a new video very shortly showing you how I constructed the wrapped packages that you all drool over.  There will be more videos showing how I make all the little girl accessories (flip flops, earrings, rings, headbands and whatever else I come up with).  So many of you ask how it's done, so I'll get to work on doing those videos for you.



Barbara Bruder said...

Congrats on your successful trip to West Springfield. And Chicago here we come!!!

Donna Ellis said...

Wow! can you say "catch your breath, DD" ?? Your booth not only looks fantastic, but IS fantastic with such a special product. Best wishes at CHA - keeping fingers crossed for you!