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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Princess Party...

Hello all!  Whew, it's been a whirlwind since I got back from CHA.  Orders are being shipped out as I write this.

I just wanted to show you what I've been doing in the meantime with Craft-Dee BowZ.  I've put a little Princess Party in a Bag kit together and had my first class at The Crop Shop in Rockland, MA  with some adorable little princesses!  Here's a peek at what the kit looks like and what can be made with it.

And I found out something else about the Craft-Dee BowZ tool.  It's so easy a SIX year old can do it!  That's right!  Our little princesses had such a grand time at this class.  Here are a few pics for you to enjoy.

This is Jillian busily decorating her crown.

A few more of our busy princesses... (note the Craft-Dee BowZ)

Couldn't you just eat them up?!  This is Nina (far left), Jillian (center) and Kristene (right).  They are so proud of their crowns and rings and bracelets, but I think the hit of the day was their magic wand.  They truly had a lovely time.  We served Princess Cupcakes and Juice boxes after class.  

This is an inexpensive way to have little girl parties without crunching the budget.  Of course, you'd need a few Craft-Dee BowZ on hand!

Hope you enjoyed today's post and feel free to comment.

1 comment:

Donna Ellis said...

Wow! What a darling idea, DD! I bet the girls LOVED making these things, and getting all princessed up! It's a wonderful idea! Now to make a kit for Christmas packages or Thanksgiving napkin holders and centerpiece so the kids can make those!