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Monday, August 27, 2012

The lonely little clothespin

Hi bowmakers!  What could I be possibly talking about clothespins for?  Well, we had a little challenge thrown at us at a new store, Kept Creations, to decorate a clothespin.  Said store will be keeping these little treasures for "voting" day and it should be a lot of fun.  I've seen some of the samples brought in and they are mind boggling where people's minds go with this stuff!

Anyway, to make a long story short, I just KNEW I had to create something using the Craft-Dee BowZ and here's my sample:

Here's my little angel!  And yes, it was done using the Craft-Dee BowZ.  Do you see how out-of-the-box this little tool can be?  For inquiring minds, I simply painted the clothespin white, then created the large white bow for the angel wings, wrapped it back to front with a single knot and brought the tails ("arms") around to the front and secured them with a glue dot.  I made another gold 1-1/4" bow for under the angel's chin leaving the tails long.  Her dress was created using tea bag folding (which I have taught online at My Creative Classroom for the past two years).  I plan on doing some new classes for the winter season at My Creative Classroom, so stay tuned!

Her face was a 1" round punch and I drew in her features and gave her rosy cheeks.  Before I adhered the face to the clothespin, I fashioned a halo from gold wire and secured it to the clothespin, then adhered the face (the hair is gold paper fringed, but you can use Flower Soft or yarn, etc.)  Here's another clothespin close-up of the back view.

So this is just some of the fun you can have with your Craft-Dee BowZ!  Tell your friends about it and show them the fun you can have using it!  Tell them they can buy one online or check with their local scrap/stamp store to see if they carry it.  If not, they should tell the store owners what they are missing out on!


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