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Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Stair Step Bow

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for stopping back today. I posted this on my blog but thought I'd share this over here on the Craft-Dee BowZ blog as well. This post will show you how I achieved a triple loop look while only making a double loop bow. Maybe I should call this look the stairstep loop bow, because the loops look like they are in a stairstep position, one on top of the other.

Well you think you are seeing 3 loops but its a trick. Let me say this will only work with wired ribbon, because you are manipulating the ribbon and the wire holds the ribbon right where you have positioned it.

 I am using a black and silver wired edge ribbon and it's 1 1/2" wide

First, I started out making a double loop bow, like usual. And of course I am using my Craft-Dee BowZ tool.

This is the 1st wrap of ribbon around the pegs.

This is after the 2nd wrap of ribbon.

I have tied the ribbon ends and this forms the knot of the bow.

I've removed the ribbon from the tool  and I have pulled the loops out and now you can see there are 2 loops on either side of the knot.

 Fluff them out somewhat

Now I have positioned the loops one on top of the other. At this moment the loops are the same length and they are stacked.(A double loop bow has 2 loops on either side of the knot)

 Top view, - from the top it just appears to look like an ordinary single loop bow because the loops are actually stacked one on top of the other.

 Here is where the trickery begins.
The top loop is the loop that gets manipulated. See how I have started to dent it in to the center of the loop, down towards the knot, somewhat. Think of it as you are making a pleat. I started that dent about 1/3 of the way up from the knot. If you do the dent in the center of the loop then you will have these two loops being the same size and you won't achieve a stairstep effect.

Make the dent to both of the top loops.

 See how I have brought the ribbon from the top loop in more toward the knot. This defines the fake top loop even more.

 Here is a different view.

 Here is a view from the top after working with both top loops.

 Here is a side view. See how that top loop looks kind of swirly. The top loop is just bent in, in a pleat fashion, to give the illusion of another loop. 
That's all there is to this bow. Its a great bow especially if you don't have enough ribbon to make an actual triple loop bow. I like this effect because of the stairstep look.

 I hope the pics help you to see how I designed this bow. This bow does fool the eye, doesn't it.

Thanks for stopping back today. Now it's your turn to make a double loop bow with a stairstep effect.And wouldn't  that bow would look great on a gift.

Have a "bow"tiful day