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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Get Well, my friend...

One of my favorite students was recently hit by a truck and wound up in the hospital.  She's doing okay, but lives alone and that makes it very hard for her.  She does have a neighbor who looks in on her.  She's always been a special lady to me.  She's had knee and back problems and when she attends my classes, she has to sit up on a stool at the Art Bar.  This always means a lot of running around for me since class supplies are limited and I have to bring whatever tool, ink, stamp, etc. over to her every time.  Sometimes I'd forget she was there because I had my back to her.  We used to laugh it up when she'd very softly say to me, "Donna, can you bring that ink pad to me, please?"  Always with such understanding for her dimwitted teacher who kept forgetting she was there!  So, here's to a speedy recovery, Kay.  We miss you and look forward to having you back as soon as you are on your feet again.  I'll be sure to put flashing lights on the Art Bar so I don't' forget you!

Here's a sweet little get well card I sent to Kay.  This was done using vellum and a paper piercing tool.  The bow, of course, was created from tulle and a few little flowers added for more interest and dimension.   Just thought I'd share.

Have a bow-ti-ful day!



Donna Ellis said...

wow! you achieved that "needle point" look by paper piercing? Awesome! It's a beautiful card, DD, right down to the tiny flowers on your pretty tulle bow. Beautiful card! Hope your friend is soon very much better. xo

Vicki said...

Fabulous card, Donna! Wow, I would love to know how you made it. Kay will certainly enjoy this card!

Unknown said...

So beautiful, love it!